Dental Exam and Cleaning in New Albany

Preventative visits for thorough exams and professional teeth cleanings are vital to catching underlying issues early and protecting your long-term oral health.
At EviDent Family Dentistry, we offer professional dental checkups and extensive cleaning. Dr. Larson and his team create a friendly, judgment-free zone focused on your comfort. They also deliver a clinically sound assessment of your oral status using visual tissue review and necessary imaging tools.
If you’re looking for the best preventive dental care in New Albany, look no further. Visit us today and experience top-notch solutions for your dental needs and overall well-being.

Our Thorough Teeth Cleaning Process

Wondering what goes into our dental cleaning that leaves your teeth feeling bright and smooth? Our hygienists methodically clean teeth using the following process:

  • Plaque & stain removal: We start by scaling teeth surfaces with specialized dental instruments to dislodge plaque, coffee stains, tartar buildup, and other debris.
  • Tooth-by-tooth targeted cleaning: The hygienist then uses instruments to clean deep below the gumline to sweep away lingering sticky bacteria and irritants. We spend an ample amount of time on each tooth surface.
  • Thorough polishing: Once thoroughly scaled and cleared of hardened calculus, we polish all surfaces to a smooth sheen using a rubber cup and non-abrasive, flavored paste.

Regular dental cleanings are essential to maximizing at-home oral hygiene and preventing escalation into decay or periodontal gum inflammation. We’ll assess your current status, oral health history, and goals to determine the best frequency.

Why Choose Us

Daily brushing and flossing are essential for your oral health. However, only professional assessment and cleaning fully protect your dental well-being long-term.Here’s why our patients trust EviDent Family Dentistry and Implants for their regular professional dental cleaning needs:

Experienced professionals

We have a team of experienced dental care professionals who’ve been in the industry for more than a decade. They’ve attended to different types of patients, helping to solve or prevent various dental issues.

Advanced precision tools

We invest in the latest X-ray and oral camera technologies to spot issues early which may be missed by normal visual examination.

Customized recommendations

Based on an in-depth review of your unique oral anatomy, risks, habits, and goals, we tailor suggestions around ideal cleaning frequency, decay prevention products, diet, and home care steps. In cases of periodontal disease, it may be recommended to see you for cleanings every 3-4 months instead of the usual 6-month interval.

Friendly & attentive care

At EviDent Family Dentistry and Implants, we want to give our patients the best care and the best experience. We create a safe environment for all patients. Our seasoned hygienists explain every step of the assessment and teeth cleaning while ensuring your comfort.

Experts in preventative education

Beyond cleaning, we help you understand why certain habits have serious effects on your oral health. Our preventive dental services also include educating you on overcoming these issues through increased awareness and guided solutions on proper oral hygiene.
At our New Albany dental office, we leverage modern precision diagnostic equipment combined with an emphasis on individualized care and education.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the importance of regular dental checkups in preventive dentistry?

A regular dental checkup involves our dental hygienist using special instruments to remove tartar and stain buildup. This essential part of general dentistry helps maintain healthy teeth, detect early signs of gum disease (or periodontal disease), and other dental needs such as fillings, crowns due to tooth fractures, and other dental issues.

How does your dental practice address the oral health needs of new patients?

New patients undergo a comprehensive dental exam at EviDent Family Dentistry and Implants, where our dentist and hygienist assess your overall oral health, educate you on proper oral hygiene, and provide solutions to your oral healthcare needs.

Are oral cancer screenings part of routine dental cleanings?

Oral cancer screenings help detect signs of oral cancer early on. We use special tools for examinations during dental checkups and teeth cleaning, emphasizing the dental practice’s commitment to preventive dentistry and the American Dental Association’s guidelines.

New Patients

At EviDent Family Dentistry and Implants, your first appointment includes a thorough exam and gathering any information that our dentist must be aware of in order to provide care specifically to your oral health. We understand that all patients are different and require individualized care.